American Modernism Reinstallation

I assisted Dr. Virginia Anderson, Curator of American Art, and Brittany Luberda, Assistant Curator of Decorative Arts, and Darienne Turner, Assistant Curator of Indigenous Arts of the Americas, in curating the reinstallation of the Baltimore Museum of Art’s American Modernism (1900 – 1950) galleries. We reconceptualized these galleries to center works by BIPOC and women artists. This permanent collection reinstallation features over 100 artworks.

I compiled shortlists for works on paper rotations that featured BIPOC and women artists; wrote eight object labels; edited all object labels; supervised three interns in their research, taught them how to write labels, and edited their writing; critiqued Johns Hopkins students’ final research presentations on assigned objects; conducted archival research; catalogued all objects in the reinstallation; worked collaboratively with Conservators and Registrars; and provided administrative and project management support.

I also assisted in the acquisitions research, proposal, writing, and presentation of new works for this permanent collection installation including Lois Maïlou Jones’ Two Women; Richmond Barthé’s Feral Benga; William Spratling’s Choluteca conch shell pin; Dorothy Dehner’s Chess Set; Elsa Tennhardt’s Vanity Set; and Greta Grossman’s Three-Armed Table Lamp.

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